Success Stories

Maceo Roker  is the owner of Roker Inner City Holdings.  Growing up, Maceo’s father often regaled him with stories of the achievements of extended family members back in the Bahamas. Maceo grew up with dreams of being an entrepreneur.  So he took his 2007 tax refund and purchased a Jani-King commercial cleaning franchise.

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Roker Inner City Holdings is a holding company that currently houses the Jani-King franchise. The holding company allows Maceo to pursue his MWBE certification so he can bid on government contracts.

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With the help of Dorsey & Whitney, Maceo has incorporated his business.  He has also completed PE’s EAP business planning course.  One of his greatest challenges was tracking his income and expenses– a situation has improved, thanks to resources found through PE.

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This year, Maceo was awarded the account for the Staten Island Yankees stadium. This prestigious contract led to him doubling his staff and his revenues. He performed so well that the franchisor is reviewing additional large contracts for him to manage.

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Maceo’s involvement with Project Enterprise includes currently serving as the Center Leader for the Queens Center.  He has also completed PE’s EAP business planning course.  Maceo has taken six loans out totaling more than $12,000 with PE with good repayment.  He has used each loan to grow his business, from paying for insurance and uniforms to supplies and equipment, and even fronting payroll for additional staff.

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“Maceo is a fun-loving guy who keeps his Center motivated and entertained.  He takes the program, his business and his responsibility very seriously,” says his Center Manager, “but he does it with a smile. Although he’s landed a major account, he still shows up to every PE meeting.”

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Maceo enjoys sharing advice and experiences with his fellow entrepreneurs and one in particular. Nowadays, the Roker men exchange ideas as fellow entrepreneurs– man to man, father to son.

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To learn more about Roker Inner City Holdings, contact 866-405-2720,,

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Carlos Aldana is the owner of Delicias y Punto. Carlos prepares Colombian delicacies and finger foods, which he sells to area restaurants. He has been in business for five years. He produces the food at his factory in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Carlos’ family has been in the tamal business since he was a child in Colombia, where his family supported themselves as food vendors.  Before emigrating to the United States, Carlos also worked in a bakery. Upon arriving in New York, Carlos was impressed with the city’s appreciation for Latin food, but was shocked by the shortage of Colombian options. He decided that a need to promote the food of his region Ibagué was in order.

Carlos’ food pays homage to the Ibagué region. His specialty is the tamal tolimense which is popular at Christmastime in Colombia and originates in his hometown.  Thanks to Carlos, his homesick fellow Colombians don’t need to travel for a taste of home. He also introduces new people to these delicacies—from Ibagué to the world!

Carlos has the heart of a chef, and the mind of an astute businessman. Instead of having a restaurant, he decided to open a factory and sell to restaurants.  This allows him a wider reach for his products, while maintaining a lower overhead. He has 6 part-time employees and 2 full-time employees.

Carlos’ involvement with Project Enterprise includes serving as an active member of the Spanish-speaking Center which meets in the South Bronx.  His fellow Center members say, “Carlos is a true leader and motivator in our Center. He wants all of us to succeed.”

For more information on Delicias y Punto, contact Carlos: 646-210-1458,