Top 5 Factors To Consider When Building A Website

user experience design - Top 5 Factors To Consider When Building A Website

Setting up a killer business website from scratch can be a daunting task. Judging what elements are the best to incorporate for navigation, aesthetic appeal and functionality require the clarity and specificity of certain goals. What is the purpose of your business? What is your core competency?

What do you hope to achieve with your website? Will it be part of your sales funnel strategy or a content sharing platform? Your team, designers such as Internet Creation a web design agency in Fife and developers must work together to create sites that will achieve high search rankings, convert leads to sales, engage customers and be powerful marketing instruments.

That is a lot to achieve in one project! This is why we are here to help you and offer the following recommendations:

Clutter-free Design

In the war of readership where clutter reigns, implementing minimalistic, clean designs are an effectual way to captivate your reader’s attention. Viewers can locate their desired content quickly when a website incorporates a clear cut appearance with intuitive navigation.

When there are no distracting large images, graphics and headers, readers can engage with your content and brand directly. Creating an auspicious user experience will help create positive feelings for your brand and push him closer towards a purchase decision in the favour of your product or service.

Host and Domain

Catchy domain names have the potential to own top of the mind recall. Selecting the “right” domain name that reflects your brand and the nature of your service can be a tricky business. It needs to be simple yet have a buzz of its own in order to retain it as a keyword.

After all, it is critical to implement search engine optimization in the design of your website to build organic rankings and increase viewership. The most effective methodology is to choose your brand name as your domain.

When you are in the process of evaluating hosting options, analyse your goals and requirements comprehensively. Will you have to outsource tech support or will you have a team in house on call?

Will your website be visually heavy with a significant volume of videos, images and presentations? What kind of daily or monthly traffic are you aiming for? What security packages will you be going for?

All these factors will have an important bearing on your final choice. Make sure you check up on customer reviews of all the bids you consider and research their marketability in terms of reliability and quality of service.


There is no greater irritation for a potential customer visiting your site than a broken link or a page that does not load. Keep a constant check on the performance of your website and test all associated links.

Conduct a security audit every month to review current security features against your business or organizational goals. If there is a gap or an unfulfilled need, you can update your policies accordingly.

Is your contact information correct? All forms and surveys working efficiently? As stated earlier, providing a positive user experience online will influence his attitude towards your brand.


Speaking of branding, place your logo on your website’s home page strategically as it will affect the reader’s general perception. Logos that have been crafted by experts captivate the customer and get him to interact with the brand. It is an important touch point that can make or break the consumer’s purchase decision.

Feel free to insert it in the most visible corner of your web page to capture the consumer’s eye. The upper left hand corner is a popular area as that is where our eyes naturally start scrutinizing a site.

If you have applied a smart 360 integrated communications strategy and have placed the same design logo across all your marketing channels, your customer will begin to identify it and be even more aware of your brand.

Call to Action

Establishing a direct sales related call to action will encourage your prospective client to procure your brand. It creates a path of ease and saves searching time.

The phrase “Contact us today” serves as an invitation to build a friendly working relationship. There are multiple stages in the procurement decision and a relevant call to action needs to be designed for each one.

For instance, a new customer may be interested in learning more about your offers so a suggestion to subscribe to your newsletter may be beneficial. A friendly suggestion is to have one call of action on every page.


How much time do you really have on your hands to spend browsing a company website? Ideally, you would like to go in and out within a matter of a couple of minutes. Put yourself in the shoes of a new viewer and try to think like him. Where would you go first? What search terms would you apply?

Design a thorough sitemap that will allow you to anticipate the navigational route that a customer may take. Take away any unnecessary links that are confusing and not needed.

Review what pages are performing well and which ones are not. If you remove the ones that are not meeting standards, your loading time will ameliorate and augment the overall efficiency of your site.

Updated Blog

Blogs provide a direct insight in to your company’s happenings, events and news. As a reader, you will find relevant content related to the latest projects, key industry trends and more. It is also excellent for SEO purposes as lengthier blog posts are picked up by search engines and ranked better.

Blog away to your heart’s content and engage with your consumer. However, ensure that the subject matter is appealing and of interest to your target audience. After all, a beauty salon company would not feature a blog post on how to fix your car’s air conditioner. It would be more related to the hair and personal care category.

Multi-Browser Functionality

There are sundry browsers available at your fingertips and can be difficult to remember them all. Your website needs to be compatible with all and load easily. It should not matter whether the browser is an old version. Your website should be a masterpiece in all its forms.

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