Supporting Your Own: Two Benefits of Shopping Local

Supporting Your Own - Supporting Your Own: Two Benefits of Shopping Local

When choosing where to procure certain items or products, there is always a question that you should ask yourself: is it available through a local business? As consumers, it is critical that we be smart about where our money goes into. After all, it is not like we simply pick up money off of the street or pluck it from a money tree. When you spend your money at a business, you are not only procuring a service for yourself, you are ultimately providing a livelihood for those that run and work at the business.

There are very real benefits for the consumer as well—should they choose to buy local. Here they are:


Better Quality Products

Better Quality Products - Supporting Your Own: Two Benefits of Shopping Local
Smaller businesses tend to put more care and attention to the quality of their products. This is particularly true if the business is craft or goods based. Small businesses that sell apparel are a bit more stringent with their quality rather than their quantity.

Raise your hand if you have ever bought a shirt or outfit from a fast fashion brand (like Forever 21) only to have worn it once because it tore. As reputation is everything to smaller businesses, they make sure that they check each and every single product that they put out there. This means that you, the consumer, get only products that have passed their quality assurance personnel.


Personalized Experiences

Personalized Experiences - Supporting Your Own: Two Benefits of Shopping Local
Another reason why buying local and patronizing is pretty great is that usually, you get to meet the owners. Let’s say that you go to a weekend market, there’s a pretty huge chance that the one running the stall is also the owner. This means that you get to see the person behind the brand and the product. They have pretty great stories that come along with their journey.

Small business owners are also pretty interested in the clients that their products bring in. What do you like about it? What else would you wish they offered? There is a more visible interchanging of experiences that lead to highly personalized experiences. Try getting that in a large chain brand.


As You Can See…

There are very real incentives for any consumer to buy from local businesses. Some of the benefits may not be immediately felt but we hope you realize that by supporting local, you not only do yourself a service. With every cent that goes toward a local business, you ultimately do more in their terms of longevity than you would for a large brand.

What other benefits of shopping local can you name?

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