Creating a Bitcoin Investment Strategy

shutterstock 620381018 - Creating a Bitcoin Investment Strategy

It’s safe to assume that most us will have heard of Bitcoin, but not of all us will fully understand it. Depending on the platform you visit, you may find that the information on offer is cumbersome and confusing. While there can be a learning curve with Bitcoin, the basics are easy to follow. For the most part, Bitcoin operates as a currency, but is made from bits of data as opposed to metal or paper. The difference between Bitcoin and fiat money is that Bitcoin is not controlled by…

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The Elliot Wave Theory Explained

shutterstock 102722165 - The Elliot Wave Theory Explained

The world of investment can mean different things to different people. For some, it offers a chance to earn some passive income, whereas others may feel that the marketplace is too chaotic to contend with. Both instances can be true, but many will have their own strategy when it comes to investing in stocks and shares. There can be a series of factors to consider when buying shares. Some may luck out on some random investments, but for the most part, you will have to carry out some form of…

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Top 5 Factors To Consider When Building A Website

user experience design - Top 5 Factors To Consider When Building A Website

Setting up a killer business website from scratch can be a daunting task. Judging what elements are the best to incorporate for navigation, aesthetic appeal and functionality require the clarity and specificity of certain goals. What is the purpose of your business? What is your core competency? What do you hope to achieve with your website? Will it be part of your sales funnel strategy or a content sharing platform? Your team, designers such as Internet Creation a web design agency in Fife and developers must work together to create…

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