Get Connected

Project Enterprise offers entrepreneurs much more than loans. Our members are connected to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs who support each other and make critical business-to-business connections. Project Enterprise offers business training and technical assistance to provide entrepreneurs the tools necessary to create or sustain a business in New York City.

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Business Training
PE provides members with regular classes and special workshops on a variety of business topics ranging from financial management to how to market your brand. Members also have access to PE’s staff who can provide technical assistance and refer members to more specialized training if needed.

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Networking Opportunities
Business-to-business networking is critical to a small business’ success. Referrals for new customers, opportunities for new ventures, and improvements in the way you do business all come from networking with other entrepreneurs. Members of PE are connected to our network of entrepreneurs, allies and supporters. PE also hosts quarterly networking events.

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Access to Markets
Don’t let your business be a well-kept secret. Project Enterprise helps members bring their products and services to new markets to increase their exposure. From vending events to retail internships, PE can help you access new markets.

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Peer Support
Being an entrepreneur can be difficult. Whether you’re trying to decide about a new venture or are just having a rough time in your business – who better to talk to then another entrepreneur? PE builds networks of entrepreneurs who advise and support each other.

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