Digital Marketing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid!

Digital Marketing Changed the Way B2B Market Functions - Digital Marketing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid!

Digital marketing is essential and any business regardless of its size will need an effective digital marketing strategy. The majority of businesses, especially in this more digitally orientated world we now live in will need digital marketing to drive sales and get people’s attention.

Digital marketing just like more old-fashioned traditional marketing can be done in many different ways. However, the variety of options you have is a double-edged sword it gives you many creative and exciting ways to market your business but also dramatically increases the risk factor.

This is why many people struggle with digital marketing they either play it too safe and therefore simply don’t get noticed or capture their audiences attention. Or they over complicate it and simply come off looking sloppy and unprofessional, you don’t have to just get someone’s attention with digital marketing you have to keep it.

Competition in the digital world is also fierce, thousands of businesses are trying to get people’s attention and while there is room for everyone making a small business stand out from a big one is difficult.

But it can be done with effective digital marketing if you pay attention to the trends and are strategic. It’s easy to make mistakes but you shouldn’t let that scare you and below the amazing team over at Summon Digital who are a digital agency in London have listed some of the more common digital marketing mistakes and outlined how you can avoid falling victim to them. 

Jumping On Trends

The internet is full of trends and while some have staying power others will quickly fade away within a few days. A certain website or platform might be trendy at the moment and get a lot of interest but in a week or two everyone could just as quickly forget about it.

So, investing time and money on short-term trends is something any business should avoid. But the difficult part is in knowing whether a trend will be short-term or not, if you jump on the trend straightaway you could end up being one of the first to take advantage of it and build-up a big presence very quickly.

However, if the trend just fizzles out then you’ve wasted time, effort and resources with no payoff. Trends are a big gamble, so you need to be strategic and think carefully before jumping on the bandwagon. Don’t blindly follow the latest trends if there is no benefit to your marketing strategy either because it will all just be a waste of time.

Focusing On Quantity Over Quality

You might have heard the “Quality over quantity” saying at school and it still holds true today especially when it comes to digital marketing. One of the most important parts of digital marketing is staying engaged with your audience, whether it’s through social media posts, blogs or videos to name just a few of the possibilities.

You’ll always be producing content that will capture your audience’s attention, however, it’s the quality of the content that is most important not the amount of it. Sure, it’s good to update regularly but simply bombarding your audience with content will not build an effective digital marketing strategy.

It’s just going to annoy your audience and will make most of them unfollow you and if your producing content every hour it isn’t likely to be very high-quality is it? So, be flexible and strike the right balance of posting quality content to keep your audience’s attention without overpowering them.

Forgetting The Mobile Platform

It’s 2018 is there really any excuse to not build for the mobile platform nowadays? I certainly don’t think so and if you want an effective digital marketing strategy you should think the same. Smartphones and tablets are how many people surf the web nowadays and it isn’t just the younger demographics either.

You could have a beautiful, high-quality website that looks great when you view it from a computer but is completely unusable when viewed through a tablet or smartphone. So, ensure your website as a mobile-friendly version at the ready because that is likely what the majority of people will be seeing.

Not Being Personal Enough

That subheading is a little misleading because like many areas of digital marketing personalisation is a balancing act. You don’t want to be too personal because that is likely to make many potential customers feel a little uneasy, but personalisation is very important because it shows you are treating your customers like people and not just numbers on a chart.

It gives your business character and helps build a stronger relationship, personalised marketing is also much simpler than you think, and even little touches can go a long way. Use engaging language in your newsletters and make sure people are responded to by their names, little things like that can have a big impact.

Not Understanding SEO and CRO

Let’s make this final tip a double shall we? Both search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation are very important when it comes to building an effective digital marketing strategy, but they are often misunderstood or forgotten about. Let’s look at SEO first, SEO is built around building up your rank and presence online.

Keywords and backlinks are two of the most important components but far from everything, however, the mistake many people make is that they overdo it. You can’t just throw keywords and links around. That won’t build quality content and will likely just see you get sanctioned by search engines.

CRO is about actually getting the people who visit your website to convert, to reach the goal you set-up. For businesses this will mean buying either a product or service from them, you might get thousands of visitors but only a few actual converts. CRO is designed to help increase your visitor to conversion ratio.

CRO, therefore, is incredibly useful if you want to actually make a profit and you need to focus on CRO if you want to increase your chances of making a sale. This can be done in many ways but it’s easy to do it wrong just like SEO, so focus on plotting out the customer’s journey, actively seek feedback from customers and ensure you have a structured approach.

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