Costs That Can Cut into Your Business Profits

vat 04 - Costs That Can Cut into Your Business Profits

There are many ways in which we can start a business, and the Internet means that most us are able to run a business with minimal setup costs. However, there will always be some form of recurring payment that needs to be made, and in some instances, could even be a legal requirement.

Although there are legal requirements in place for a business, this doesn’t mean the business has to pay the first amount presented to them.

The initial research can take a little time, but once you know what reductions can be made, you’d be amazed at how it can help maintain a more positive cash flow.


Every company that offers insurance will state that its insurance package is the most beneficial, but it’s important to consider some important factors agreeing to a specific policy.

If you’ve already committed to a policy, then you may have to use this solution for now, but it’s important to carry out a review when the policy is due for renewal to be able to shop around for some better deals.

As well as business loans, from companies such as there can be many forms of insurance, depending on the type of business being operated. This can often include liability insurance, property insurance and in some instances, healthcare insurance.

Even checking with the local trade association could introduce a business to some rates it didn’t know existed. A business may not always find a better deal, but it’s something it should investigate when reducing costs that can eat into the profits of a business.


In some instances, a business may try to run before it can walk and assume that offering an attractive wage will persuade the more loyal and hard-working employee that many businesses are looking for, but this isn’t always the case.

Not introducing a trial period when employing somebody for a role could be detrimental if the employee isn’t able to show enthusiasm in their role and can often mean that a business is investing more than it’s able to make back.

This isn’t to say that a business is going to experience an issue with every employee it hires but having some safeguard in place ensures that you’re not wasting money on an employee who is merely looking to take advantage of their opportunity.


Regardless of what type of business you have, ensuring that the company taxes are paid on time is of paramount importance. Although you may assume that there is no harm in being a couple of days late when paying taxes, it could end up costing the business more money as a result.

Collating our company records quickly could mean that we’re missing expenses, which could mean that the company ends up paying more tax as a result.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your business has some form of system in place that helps determine what the upcoming financial obligations are, and what services and products the business can gain tax relief on.

IT may not seem important to capture the smaller expenses, but this can pile up over the tax year, and business owners are often surprised at how much the company can save when ensuring that the smaller purchases are accounted for.

If the business has no experience when it comes to keeping accurate account, it can often assume that using a professional service will be expensive. Although there will be varying price points, many businesses find that they are able to source a reliable accountant that can help contend with the more difficult aspects of accountancy.

If the business does have experience, but just wants to ensure that it’s able to simplify the process, then there are a series of operating systems, programs and apps that can make light work of accounts. Regardless of whether it’s a spreadsheet or a dedicated app, you can be assured that more often than not, there will some form of software that can help make accounts less intimidating.


There are many forms of advertising available to a business depending on the message it’s trying to convey. However, some companies can put too much faith into a strategy that’s not able to deliver the desired results.

Television and radio advertising can be very effective, but it’s not ideal for being able to pinpoint potential customers within different demographics, which means while your advert may be heard or seen, it may not be acted upon.

During the early days, it can be more effective to make use of social media and SEO. Although it may not have the reach of television or radio, it does means that the advertising will be noticed by people who will genuinely be interested in the product or service you have to offer.

Facebook is especially useful for new start-ups and small business, as you can literally tailor your ads to be put in front of those within a certain demographic, while being able to make use of their interests.

Although a business should never assume that every single person will interact with its ad, it can prove to be more cost-effective when it comes to make a return.

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