Brands That Have Created The Perfect Working Enviormen!

quirky office chelsea 2 - Brands That Have Created The Perfect Working Enviormen!

Ever since tech moguls such as Google and Apple introduced its revolutionary headquarters to the corporate world, companies have begun to follow suit. The days of tedious floor plans, blank white walls and stuffy suits are long gone. Sure, it still exists in the more conventional fields of finance, accounting and audit. Yet, businesses that are just opening their doors are choosing a different path. Start-up culture has always been renowned for its intrapreneurial spirit, casual attire code, social gatherings and now incredible office designs.

Are you about to commence your own journey and are seeking a bit of design inspiration? You won’t have to look too far as we are surrounded by glittering examples of awesome work spaces. Although they are giants in their respective industries now, let’s not forget that they started all somewhere (perhaps in the back of commercial steel framed buildings that have been for sale) less than a decade ago.

  1. Quirky

Launched in the year 2009 by Ben Kaufman, Quirky is a collective think-tank of inventors. Community driven, it takes in product or business ideas from variant individuals and assigns a dedicated team to research or design it. Then, Quirky selects products from the existing pool, manufactures them and ships them over to their international network of stores. A percentage of profit is rewarded to the inventor of the product in question.

Given that collaborative design is the beating heart of this establishment, it is no wonder that Quirky’s headquarters are phenomenal. Located on the second floor of an old warehouse in Manhatten, New York, it has successfully merged its old world charm with modern day convenience. As the elevators door slide open, what is the first thing that you will see? A locker flipped to its side to serve as the reception! Now, that’s creativity! With glass lockers behind, the design room can be viewed with state of the art facilities such as vacuum forming, skin cutting machines and 3D printers.

  1. Airbnb

Keeping in sync with its design philosophy, both Airbnb’s San Francisco and Sydney are breathtakingly innovative. The latter branch opened in 2016 and is a hub of productive rejuvenation. Each working chamber comes with its own cultural flavour. The unique theme of the office presents the versatility of the Airbnb listings on offer. Here, an indoor football field, American style diner booths and a gentleman’s whisky bar await to greet you.

The layout of the workplace facilitates the existing culture of teamwork, camaraderie and friendship as it allows ease of interaction. After all, it is a trio of friends who founded this unique company. Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk joined forces in 2008 and transformed the global accommodation industry

  1. Spotify

Over ten years ago, Spotify was composed of eight employees only in the city of Stockolm. It has come a long way and expanded its international footprint with the inauguration of twenty more locations.

Its headquarters are in the Big Apple (New York, United States of America) and is a bi-level unit that comes with cold brewed coffee, a recording studio and an open roof deck. Individuals can sit out on the roof deck and soak in the sun whilst still working against a lush backdrop of foliage. Who wouldn’t feel productive in an amazing ambiance like that?

  1. Instagram

No one’s day is complete without a few swipes through Instagram! As the world’s top photo sharing platform in social media, it too has an incredible workspace which we would not mind spending our days in! With television screens showing rotating visuals of what’s viral on the application, you can even go buy your own coffee at the in-house Blue Bottle coffee shop. The employees here are rarely hungry as each floor has its own kitchen that comes equipped with snacks and drinks. You do need your nutrition if you are part of a team looking after seven hundred million subscribers.

  1. Evernote

The simple beauty of Evernote’s workplace can be felt in its aura of warmth and comfort. It has an open plan with a cluster of remote, private areas that allow teams of all sizes to function. The office layout reflects the firm’s core values of organization and teamwork.

Located in Redwood, California, the workforce is spread over a staggering eighty thousand feet. As one of the most used applications in the world, it acts as a virtual assistant as it lets its users create and share notes. This is to help its members remember what tasks they engaged in and to not forget detail-no matter how diminutive it may be. You know what they say? An elephant never forgets! No wonder it constitutes Evernote’s branding story and a huge part of its internal décor. Even the lobby has innovative features that you may appreciate-water saving plants!

  1. Etsy

Located in New York (yes, all the cool office spaces seem to be based here!), Etsy is a digital platform that connects buyers and sellers of handmade or vintage goods. With a homely living room feel, it is a bright studio style space that is enriched by vibrant desks, chairs and an outdoor courtyard.

Please note that this “studio” is a two hundred thousand square foot space. Almost five hundred people venture into work every day and wander about the nine-floor complex without any restrictions. They are free to set up camp anywhere within the premises and work away from their desks. If they need to use the bathroom, they can use any one of the gender neutral ones.

Etsy has truly embraced the modern way of doing business and is doing its share to remain environmentally responsible too. The building that houses Etsy’s new headquarters was renovated with ecological and social conditions in mind. It is powered by solar panels, some of which are located on the rooftop. Not only that, Etsy scrutinised 1500 items to remain away as it hard toxic chemicals. One thing that most people can definitely agree upon is that that the stunning views of Manhattan from the office are truly unforgettable.

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