About Project Enterprise

Welcome to Project Enterprise

While smaller businesses are often overshadowed by larger conglomerates, even those large companies and business all started small at some point in their existence. Small Businesses are the lifeblood of everyday citizens and their communities. While they are still quite shaky on their feet, this does not at all imply that they are any less reliable or that their services and products are substandard.


Our Mission

We want to promote, empower, and support small businesses no matter where they are. We aim to achieve this by providing timely and useful articles that discuss a wide range of topics that are relevant to small businesses. This is not just about telling our readers about which businesses to patronize. This is about contributing toward a collective consciousness—one that knows at its core that small businesses are important and should be supported.


Our Staff

Every person that works and writes for this website had their own experiences of being part of a small business. After all, it takes real world experiences to truly understand what is needed for a movement. The best leaders are those that teach through example, siphoning lessons from their own experiences. This is what we all would like to gift you.

Please read on to find out more concrete reasons as to why supporting small businesses is integral to our continued growth as a society and as a community.