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Costs That Can Cut into Your Business Profits

vat 04 - Costs That Can Cut into Your Business Profits

There are many ways in which we can start a business, and the Internet means that most us are able to run a business with minimal setup costs. However, there will always be some form of recurring payment that needs to be made, and in some instances, could even be a legal requirement.

Although there are legal requirements in place for a business, this doesn’t mean the business has to pay the first amount presented to them.

The initial research can take a little time, but once you know what reductions can be made, you’d be amazed at how it can help maintain a more positive cash flow.


Every company that offers insurance will state that its insurance package is the most beneficial, but it’s important to consider some important factors agreeing to a specific policy.

If you’ve already committed to a policy, then you may have to use this solution for now, but it’s important to carry out a review when the policy is due for renewal to be able to shop around for some better deals.

As well as business loans, from companies such as https://toploancompanies.com there can be many forms of insurance, depending on the type of business being operated. This can often include liability insurance, property insurance and in some instances, healthcare insurance.

Even checking with the local trade association could introduce a business to some rates it didn’t know existed. A business may not always find a better deal, but it’s something it should investigate when reducing costs that can eat into the profits of a business.


In some instances, a business may try to run before it can walk and assume that offering an attractive wage will persuade the more loyal and hard-working employee that many businesses are looking for, but this isn’t always the case.

Not introducing a trial period when employing somebody for a role could be detrimental if the employee isn’t able to show enthusiasm in their role and can often mean that a business is investing more than it’s able to make back.

This isn’t to say that a business is going to experience an issue with every employee it hires but having some safeguard in place ensures that you’re not wasting money on an employee who is merely looking to take advantage of their opportunity.


Regardless of what type of business you have, ensuring that the company taxes are paid on time is of paramount importance. Although you may assume that there is no harm in being a couple of days late when paying taxes, it could end up costing the business more money as a result.

Collating our company records quickly could mean that we’re missing expenses, which could mean that the company ends up paying more tax as a result.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your business has some form of system in place that helps determine what the upcoming financial obligations are, and what services and products the business can gain tax relief on.

IT may not seem important to capture the smaller expenses, but this can pile up over the tax year, and business owners are often surprised at how much the company can save when ensuring that the smaller purchases are accounted for.

If the business has no experience when it comes to keeping accurate account, it can often assume that using a professional service will be expensive. Although there will be varying price points, many businesses find that they are able to source a reliable accountant that can help contend with the more difficult aspects of accountancy.

If the business does have experience, but just wants to ensure that it’s able to simplify the process, then there are a series of operating systems, programs and apps that can make light work of accounts. Regardless of whether it’s a spreadsheet or a dedicated app, you can be assured that more often than not, there will some form of software that can help make accounts less intimidating.


There are many forms of advertising available to a business depending on the message it’s trying to convey. However, some companies can put too much faith into a strategy that’s not able to deliver the desired results.

Television and radio advertising can be very effective, but it’s not ideal for being able to pinpoint potential customers within different demographics, which means while your advert may be heard or seen, it may not be acted upon.

During the early days, it can be more effective to make use of social media and SEO. Although it may not have the reach of television or radio, it does means that the advertising will be noticed by people who will genuinely be interested in the product or service you have to offer.

Facebook is especially useful for new start-ups and small business, as you can literally tailor your ads to be put in front of those within a certain demographic, while being able to make use of their interests.

Although a business should never assume that every single person will interact with its ad, it can prove to be more cost-effective when it comes to make a return.

A guide to raising business debt finance

2 people laptops office 1920x1023 - A guide to raising business debt finance

Raising finance for debt in business is often a different concern to raising finance for debt in our personal lives. In fact, according to The Debt Advisory Service who provide various debt solutions such as Individual Voluntary Arrangement’s raising finance for debt in business is often a very healthy way of moving forward, in order for growth and development, whereas in our personal financial situations if we’re attempting to raise finance to enter into debt it can often be because we’ve overstretched ourselves or haven’t the monetary needs to live the life we set out to.

In business however, you may be looking to raise capital to enter into an opportunity that requires funds you haven’t accrued yet, or for equipment that we may help expand and diversify your product or service. Yes, it can also be to provide a stop-gap when cash flow has become an obstacle; to pay wages or suppliers, or to cover charges and other fiscal commitments, but when approaching methods to accrue fresh capital there are many reasons lenders will see credit as a positive entity for both parties, a means to make money on both sides which will safeguard their investment in you.

There are two standard terms of debt finance and several methods that outline ways to respond to them. Short-term and long-term plans depict an outline of what the capital should be used for and the time it should take to clear the debt and also the means and methods of accruing the finance to repay the amount.

Short-term debt finance

A short-term finance option should be for temporary fixes to cash flow problems. Elements that apply in this area could well be finding capital to pay for equipment, for stock or supplies needed to provide or produce your product or service, or perhaps simply to acquire the day-to-day items your business depends on while waiting for the payment of outstanding work. Perhaps you need to find additional capital to fund marketing or advertising? Without which you may have insufficient clients to sell to, and without them there are no sales, no profit and no business model. You could even utilise short-term finance options to pay for sales staff as an alternative to marketing and advertising if that’s a proven method shown to create greater results in your industry or field of expertise.

Credit Cards

The simplest form of short-term loan is credit. You can apply for a credit card to help you over a simple hurdle in a healthy manner if you adhere to a repayment schedule your business can safely manage. A credit card will offer an extendable solution of finance if your repayment plan doesn’t happen as smoothly as initially planned or if in clearing the primary amount another situation arises where a secondary credit requirement becomes necessary.

Short-term business loans

Short-term loans will generally have a higher rate of interest than long-term, and will require some form of collateral to be approved as a low-risk option for the loan amount. Often the loan can remain an open-ended operation so that an option of additional capital is available if required for continual business operation, as long as the repayments are being made regularly and as outlined in your loan arrangement. This option offers advantages to both the lender and borrower by feeding capital into both operations.


A business overdraft is another simple solution to overcoming short-term needs. An arrangement for access to extended operating capital at a suitable interest rate is standard practice for many business operations.

Long-term finance

Long-term debt solutions are options to fund the on-going performance of your business, to develop growth and expansion, and to sustain the comfortable operation of your organisation while you do.

Deciding on a long-term solution will depend on the amount you need to cover your operational and purchasing costs and how long you estimate it will take to repay. A long-term loan will have lower interest rates and can offer varying options for regular repayments, one off and lump sum repayments or for an early complete repayment.

Unsecured business loans

An unsecured loan requires no collateral but it does require a good credit score. You may have to prove you can raise an amount of capital in a given time to reassure your lender that you are a healthy risk for the loan amount.

Typical interest rates will vary from 6% to 20% with terms of up to and over 6 years. There may be restrictions in how you can utilise the funding which will be covered and outlined through your application process.

Secured business loans

The opposite of the unsecured loan requirements are shown here giving that collateral has to be pledged to show repayment capabilities yet in turn means you may still be approved even if you are carrying a lower personal credit score.

A business with a good long-term record and steady cash flow is the basis for a secured loan approval. Interest rates and loan terms are similar to unsecured loans.

Start up loans

A government-based scheme offering amounts up to £25,000 for new or newly operational small businesses over a term of up to 5 years is available at a standard rate of 6%. Encouraging new businesses to commence operation by offering this means of funding the scheme also offers free mentoring, guides, and unique offers in order to help the applicants achieve their best chances of success.

Equipment loans

An equipment loan is a type of credit specifically outlined for purchasing equipment with a long lifespan of operation. This equipment will be seen to be imperative to the operation of the business and the repayments can be made over a term in consideration with the lifespan of the apparatus.

Equipment loans can be seen as a healthier option to hire purchase or leasing of equipment by offering lower rates of repayment and with the option of owning the resources at the end of term as an investment into the business inventory.

Peer-to-peer business loans

A peer-to-peer loan is often a simple and straightforward alternative to a bank loan. Businesses or individuals with available capital are matched to those seeking such, often over Internet-based platforms, where those looking for a return on their investment can find simple ways to enter into such a scheme. Multiple lenders can be involved in raising the required capital amount that can be anything from a thousand to several million depending on the business and its need.

Peer-to-peer lending is regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and borrowers will need to show a proven track record, present complete financial accounts and to pass various credit checks throughout their assessment.

Common Financial Mistakes Made When Running a Business

34e8fad0 318e 4802 b53b74f3a77db958 - Common Financial Mistakes Made When Running a Business

Running a business can be an exciting time, but it can also be a complicated one. As well as ensuring that you have what you need to run the business, you also must ensure that your business is prepared for any forthcoming financial obligations, which can present themselves in different ways.

A business can only be a success if the right steps are taken, especially from a financial standpoint. As such, it can be useful to know some of the consequences that can occur if we’re don’t have the necessary capital in place at the right time.

Irregular Bookkeeping

When we first start in business, it can be tempting to leave the more mundane tasks until later on, and this can include ensuring that the business accounts are up to date. Although some may not consider this an urgent task, the business could soon suffer if it’s not able to establish what its current incoming and outgoings are.

Regular bookkeeping not only ensures that your current financial commitments can be met, but also allows you to make plans for any future financial commitments, ensuring that the business doesn’t have to come to a standstill because the necessary funds aren’t in place,

Not Planning for Upcoming Tax Obligations

As the paying of taxes can be sporadic, it’s easy t assume that we can catch up with tax obligations in the future, but the longer it’s left, the more pressure the business will be under when it comes to that all-important due date.

As taxes can come in at sporadic times, it’s best to come up with some sort of system that allows money to be set aside on a monthly basis. Of course, there will be times when the amount is more than the business expected but having a majority of the funds available avoids unnecessary panic.

Overpaying of Taxes

Although underpaying taxes can be problematic, so can overpaying them. The reason many people pay too much tax is because they have failed to keep tracks of their expenses. This could be due to irregular bookkeeping but could also be due to not keeping receipts. Regardless of whether it’s a new laptop or a jar of coffee, if it relates to the business you need to ensure that the business is claiming the tax relief available.

While these amounts may not seem like much at the time, they can soon add up over time, and could make all the difference to the bottom line of the business.

Not Keeping Personal and Business Accounts Separate

If we’ve not got around to opening a business account, then it’s likely we’ll be using a personal account in the short-term. However, the longer we leave opening a business account, the more confusing out finances become.

Not only does having a business bank account offer more clarity when it comes to paying taxes, but it also ensures that we’re not using personal money for business use and vice versa.

Having both our personal and business income in one account could mean that overspending has a detrimental effect on either aspect of our life.

Employing of Staff Before Carrying out Research

People will have different outlooks when it comes to running a business, and some feel that hitting the ground running is the best approach when it comes to ensuring the business is a success. However, not taking the potential pitfalls that could arise into account could means that you’re cutting staff roles as soon as you’ve filled them. Not only does this disrupt the business, but the personal lives of others. Of course, there will be times when difficult decisions have to be made but carrying out research will ensure that there is damage limitation in place and you wont require a bad faith lawyer houston, even during the hard times.

The factors to consider can vary on the niche of the business. If you’re running a small store, then how many staff can you employ, while still ensuring you can meet other requirements. Are you filling roles simply to make the company look busy? The employing of staff is a expense that if managed in the right way can bring a lot of benefit, but shirking away the research could mean that any investments cause detriment to the company’s profits.

Pricing Products or Services Too Low

The introduction of the Internet means that more budding entrepreneurs can start a business with a relatively low budget. However, the abundance of businesses means that some businesses can worry that their service will be overshadowed.

This can often mean that companies look to lower their prices and hope this attracts more business, but this can only do more damage to the company’s turnover.

When promoting a service, it’s important to showcase its value and what benefits it offers the customer. Simply lowering the price of a product or service could mean that customers devalue the service.

Pricing Products or Services Too High

Just as a company shouldn’t undersell its products, it shouldn’t look to profit on unsuspecting customers. Although there may have been a time when companies could prey on the less-informed, nowadays customers are able to research a product in a manner of seconds.

Although they won’t be looking at the price alone, anything that’s priced unrealistically will often be ignored. As such, market research is key. For example, there may a cheaper version of your product available, but it may not yield the quality or benefits of yours, so the price difference isn’t going to shun potential customers.

When running a business, it’s common practice for mistakes to be made, but this doesn’t mean a business should just allow them to keep happening. Making the changes and scheduling  your admin can mean that there are less forks in the road when it comes to running a successful business.

Top Events You Should Visit to Support Small Businesses

Top Events You Should Visit to Support Small Businesses - Top Events You Should Visit to Support Small Businesses

It is our unending belief that when you care about something, you try your hardest to understand it. That way, you can fully support it in every sense of it—not just something that you say you’ll do. In light of this, we have decided to share some of the events that anyone interested in supporting or starting their own small businesses should look into.

Going to events or even if they are just webinars provide everyone with useful skills, tips, and lessons that were carefully cultivated and perfected through the years of personal experience of speakers. Much like what this website aims to achieve!

Mind you, some of these events happen annually. Some may change the information at the last minute—so it would be best if you followed up on their websites to procure more information.

The Small Business Expo

This particular expo has a pretty wide schedule as it has stops over several major states in the USA. Not only does this event have keynote speakers that share their wisdom borne from years of their experience, there’s so much more to see. This expo is also quite famous for the exhibitors that join. As the event travels, the exhibitors that join differ from place to place. This ensures that there will be a lot of small businesses that will get a chance to show what they have to offer.


Last year, this event was held in Boston. They are pretty good in providing information about any trends that would impact small businesses. What we like about this event is the fact that they combine the utilization of technology along with business processes. This provides a pretty modern insight for any mom and pop firm that is struggling with the concept of tech related business.

As our technology will only keep improving (and not regressing) it would be highly prudent for any business owner to attend.

Startup Grind

Join the many like minded individuals in Silicon Valley come February this year. For anyone that wanted to learn more about starting their own business but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it, this is one event that you should not miss. This event features keynote speakers from LinkedIn, Slack, Reddit, and so many other big names!

Pick their brains as to how you can improve your business processes. If you so wanted to, you can secure a spot and present your startup idea—there are thousands of investors in attendance.

As You Can See…

There are a lot of opportunities to obtain further information about small businesses and how they are better supported. There are a lot of other events lined up this year. It is certainly exciting to see which event provides groundbreaking information that will just utterly change the way that you view small business processes.

the modern small business owner - Top Events You Should Visit to Support Small Businesses
Infographic by: www.designinfographics.com


Why SEO Tactics Such As Local Directories Are Important for Your Business

local seo services - Why SEO Tactics Such As Local Directories Are Important for Your Business

Over the past 20 years search engine optimization has become an integral part of the digital marketing strategy for most commercial entities across the globe. After all, Google is primary way we find the companies that we are looking!

SEO is a channel that has remained consistent relevant since the launch of the very first search engine back in 1990. No matter what type of company you are, search engine optimization is critical to achieving your business objectives.

You must have been told countless times that you need to allocate a larger portion of your marketing budget to search engine optimization. Sellers of SEO services must be bombarding you with cold calls, leads and emails in order to obtain their expertise. An important point they miss out on is to explain why SEO is vital for your start-up business. 

Your entire network of family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances utilizes Google to attain product knowledge or the level of customer service at a company. Hence, it is logical as to why SME owners aspire to be at the top of Google’s search results.

Amplify Brand Awareness

It does not matter whether you have been functioning in the business arena for twenty years or only twenty days, building brand awareness will always be one of your primary long-term goals.

In order to maintain growth rates, especially, as a small entity or start-up, it is imperative that you continue to attract customers one way this can be done is by submitting you business to sites such as atlanta-business-directory.com. Which is a great local business citation should you be looking to rank your website within the local search results.

When you deploy the right marketing strategy and utilize both traditional/digital channels of marketing, your website will appear at the top of all search engine results.

This will mean that you are generating the correct keywords and buzzwords in your content that your customers are familiar with and apply when seeking out your brand. Of course, your website traffic will grow and eventually lead to an increment in sales.

Awesome User Experience

A lot of individuals are under the misconception that search engine optimization is all about ranking websites. Whilst that is certainly true-SEO is also about fashioning user-friendly, streamlined websites that offers your visitor an auspicious online experience with your brand. To break through the clutter, companies are now mostly opting for minimalistic sites with a clean, clear look.

When a customer has direct access to clear-cut information about your product, he will loiter around your website and browse. This will effectively reduce bounce rates and improve the number of page views. Providing pertinent, interesting content will definitely capture his attention.

Economical Promotion

As a start-up, you may have limited access to cash and may need to tighten the financial belt whilst simultaneously striving to increase your current volume of sales. Search engine optimization provides an effective return on your investment as it can be customized to match the parameters of your marketing budget.

As one of the most economical marketing instruments available, it will aim to build your digital footprint over a lengthy period of time with marked, quantifiable results. The reason for this is because every marketing dollar you dedicate to SEO can be accounted for.

Stronger Conversion Rates

Websites that are backed by search engine optimization are easier to use due to fast loading times reader friendliness, and general responsiveness. Not only that, the process of SEO permits you to gain access to your most relevant customer segment. The reason for this is as the power of SEO exists on its associated keywords.

You an estimate and predict the capacity of incoming orders through keyword analysis and understand the size of the market potential. It is important to remember that many SEO gurus combine behavioural reasoning to infer the intent for keyword selection. Once this has been understood, you can amend your brand as per your clients’ issues and truly be a solution provider.

Strategic Consumer Insight

Once your website jumped on the internet bandwagon, ensure that you set up your Google Analytics account as this service will become your best friend. 

You will be able to view and analyse your visitor base from sundry dimensions such as their topographical situation, what time they visited, what time are the most active, what keywords they implemented, how much time they spent on each web page, and how they ended up at your website.

These insights can be incorporated into your marketing plan for better targeting messages and promotional efforts.

Without engaging content, any SEO strategy will render useless. It has to be a part of a combination of efforts which enforce other channels. Then only, will it make your brand more visible, credible and win your customer’s trust.

Everyone is Online

A study conducted by Bright Local, an SEO company, discovered that ninety-seven percent of online users searched for all kinds of brands within their district in the year 2017.

Out of this sample, fifty-four percent frequented the web at least once a month for such research purposes. One cannot disagree that any brick and mortar entity may not require a digital presence.

Yet, it can benefit from positive online reviews, structured consumer information and location data. Hence, local search optimization may prove to be an effectual marketing means to gain consumer trust.

Smartphone Usage

The world is getting more and more addicted to its smartphones. As a species, we are spending more time interacting with our network via our mobile phones. It also means that we are using the internet more through this medium. This implies that websites have to be SEO-backed to appear on SERPs effectually.

Social Media

Social media platforms are evolving into trusted forms of search databases. SEO and social media go hand in hand in improving your brand’s visibility. Let’s not forget that brands that come recommended from references and friends will have a higher probability of sales than your competitive counterparts.

Advertising in The Gambling Industry in 2018

sky5 20171116044107114 - Advertising in The Gambling Industry in 2018

Advertising in the gambling industry has always been a fast-changing space, with many regulations and guidelines being implemented over the years companies such Easyslots who offer many casino offers have had to adapt their strategies. After a number of policies were made stricter in 2017, many gambling operators saw themselves facing hefty fines.

And it’s about to get even tougher with advertising rules for the industry becoming even stricter in 2018. Read on to find out a little more about what took place in 2017, and how it’s continuing to evolve this year.

Many Changes Were Made to Gambling Advertising Regulations in 2017

In 2017, many online operators in the gambling world went through a tough year. A number of the major players in this field had to pay large fines for some of the advertising they put out there. Their advertising content was deemed misleading by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), which is the local regulatory authority for the sector.

One of the industry leaders, BGO, had to fork out a hefty fine of £300,000. Several others also had to pay penalty fines of varying amounts for their failure in adhering to the strict advertising regulations set by the UKGC.

Last year, larger well-known companies such as Sky Bet and Ladbrokes were also fined big amounts by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which is the main advertising regulator in the UK working across many sectors.  The ASA fined them based on the view that their advertising was targeted at customers who may be more vulnerable and tempted to gamble.

They felt that the adverts were misleading such customers to believe that gambling was an easy way to obtain lots of money. After these fines, Ladbrokes and Sky Bet decided to reconsider their number of partner affiliates. Ladbrokes reduced the number considerably while Sky Bet decided to end them completely.

Later on in the year, the ASA, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), and the Gambling Commission all challenged gambling operators with local licenses for creating advertising content that was aimed at minors. It was too easy for minors to access their marketing content, and these operators were told to remove such content from their sites. By the end of 2017, the rules around advertising in this sector were made even tighter by local regulatory authorities.

Further Changes Are Expected From the UKGC in 2018

When it comes to protecting gambling customers and removing misleading or otherwise faulty advertising content, the UKGC have made it clear that they will continue to be strict on operators in 2018. And they didn’t wait long to do so. In February of this year, the UKGC and the ASA worked together to introduce tougher guidelines for advertisers in the gambling sector to follow. The primary aim of the new guidelines was to ensure that any advertising wasn’t focussed on targeting those who may be more vulnerable to and tempted to gamble compulsively.

All types of adverts, including promotional ads and online ads were to be developed to adhere to these regulations and checked against these new standards. Operators have to be especially careful around those adverts that offer incentives to customers to gamble using their services, as these can be too tempting for those with even a slight gambling addiction to resist.

The new regulations also clear state that certain phrases shouldn’t be used within any marketing content by online betting operators. These phrases include such call to actions as ‘Bet Now’, which are often used by operators to try and convince their customers to place bets while live sports events are playing. Any advertising content which urges customers to place repetitive bets is also strictly not allowed. Basically, any messaging which could lead vulnerable customers to feeling tempted to place bets when they shouldn’t is banned.

Many gambling operators will try and tempt customers into placing bets by offering bonuses that are ‘risk free’. This can be deemed to be highly misleading as they are not in fact risk free at all.  Players who take up these offers are definitely taking a risk with their money, as they have to place a deposit to get these ‘free’ bonuses. All this was usually stated in the terms and conditions section in the past, but many customers don’t often read through the lengthy T&Cs of an advert.

The days of seeing such messaging in gambling adverts is over now, as the UKGC have made it clear within their new guidelines that the fact that they aren’t risk free needs to be stated clearly in the advert itself rather than hidden in the T&Cs. This will enable customers to be fully informed of the risks before making a decision on whether they want to go ahead and avail the offer.

Within the new standards, it is also stated that gambling cannot be marketed as a quick and easy way of making money.

Those Operators Not Adhering to 2018 Regulations Will Risk Facing Hefty Fines

Gambling and betting operators have been given until April to improve their policies to protect customers and remove any advertising content that doesn’t follow the new regulations. Any operators who decide not to comply will be penalised with hefty fines.

One of the biggest names in the UK betting space, William Hill, has been heavily penalised by the UKGC this year for not complying with their regulations. They had to pay a staggering £6.2 million to the UKGC in February. They were charged with failure to prevent money laundering and fraud, as they profited from customers who had deposited large amounts of illegal funds with them over the last couple of years.

With all the constant changes in the guidelines for gambling advertising content, operators in this field are advised to keep a close eye on them before developing and putting out any new ad campaigns. The financial risks of not complying with the latest guidelines are too severe, as is evident by all the fines that have been issued to major players in this sector over the last few years.

7 Ways A Corporate Golf Event Can Benefit Your Company

golf - 7 Ways A Corporate Golf Event Can Benefit Your Company

If you are looking for great ways to improve your business, whether it is by attracting customers and clients or to improve on company morale, a corporate golf event is one great way to do that. Not only can you fully brand them so they are always reminded about you and your company, but it also gives you a chance to spend a greater amount of time with them than you normally would have the chance to.

It is very likely that you have heard of these kinds of events in the past. Perhaps a colleague or client has spoken about one they have been to, but you have remained on the fence about them and their effectiveness and have not gone ahead hosting your own. To help encourage you to consider hosting on in the future, in the following post we will look at seven great benefits of golf events.

Quality Time With Clients

It can be hard to arrange time with your prospective clients due to their and your own busy schedules. By hosting a golf day, you have the opportunity to spend a longer amount of time with them. You will have the chance to connect with them on a personal level, without offices agendas and suits getting in the way and making things too formal.

A recommended approach is to invite prospective and existing clients to these events, it gives them the chance to mingle and explain the service and relationship you provide as a business. Existing clients can take on the role of sales staff during your event.

In addition and almost vitally, golf events provide the perfect mixer and chance to pair attendees together that can be an advantage to one another. For instance, your accountant could play with on of your newer clients who has a growing account, to develop an effective and positive working relationship.

Image result for corporate golf

Can Reflect On The Professionalism of Your Business

Clients will look at the way your golf event is organised and run which can reflect on the professionalism of your business and how you run it. Therefore, a corporate golf day that is run well, will reinforce the quality of your services. Proper preparation is paramount.

So work alongside your event organiser and the club it will be held at, to ensure nothing is missed out. The particular golf club you choose can have an impact on how your business is portrayed. So choose one that you feel is on your level.

Distinguish Yourself From The Crowd Of Competitors

By hosting a corporate golf event, you are able to distinguish yourself from the crowd of competitors your company has. Do your utmost to ensure that your golf day is the event that your existing and prospective clients want to be at.

If you host an event every year, bring something unique and different to it every year. Whether it’s a putting or teeing off coaching clinic, a trick shot demonstration or a trendy food truck at the halfway mark. Work on creating moments with your clients, as this will help them to have positive feelings associated to your company.

Helps To Increase Awareness Of Your Brand

Speaking of crating moments with your clients, you can hire a photographer as a way to create good memories for your clients. Ensure that your photographer is available for the entire day, from the moment guests arrive, through to teeing off, working round the course, and the reception drinks and dinner afterwards. Consider creating a photo album on your Facebook page for the event or upload them to a photo hosting site and make them free to download.

Improves Your Company’s Exposure On Social Media

Shares and engagement rules over all in modern internet marketing and social media plays a huge part in the perception of businesses, groups and individuals. With this in mind when you host a golf event, you can have a hashtag assigned specifically for the event. To draw attention to it and increase engagement with social media, a screen can be set up at the event showing a live stream of how the event’s hashtag is being used.

Helps You to Create Future Content

Recurring events can be hard to market in the beginning, with there being limited content available to use to attract the initial sponsors and clients.

A production team is worth investing in for your first event that will last you for a number of years to come while you establish recognition and collect usable content. It’s also a great way to follow-up with clients who attended your event afterwards to show them photos and footage, continuing the conversation that was started during your event.

Great Way to Recognise And Thank Your Clients

Corporate events like golf days or tournaments are also great ways to thank your clients for the business they bring to your company and their continued loyalty.

Although your company does not benefit from this, loyalty is further promoted and your clients realise you are not just selling to them and appreciate their support. People like to know that they are appreciated, even from the company they do business with regularly.

Successful business growth is possible in an important way by establishing relationships and a corporate golf event like those available from ClubsAway Event Management, is the perfect way to establish and work on these kinds of relationships.

There are a lot of great reasons to host golf events, whether it is simply hiring a nice golf club and their course for the day or hosting a golf tournament for your clients and customers. In addition to the golf, which is a great way to unwind in the great outdoors and get to know each other without the formalities of offices, you can have drinks and a proper sit-down meal. This provides plenty of opportunities to continue discussions and conversations started on the course in a more formal, but still reasonably relaxing atmosphere.

Ready to market your startup? Here’s where to start

How to digital marketing helps startups and small businesses with advertisement and marketing - Ready to market your startup? Here’s where to start

If you’re launching a startup then you’re probably convinced that there’s a place in the market for your product of service.

However, that place in the market remains open for someone else unless your marketing efforts are effective and timely – so you need to make sure that what you’re doing is based on tried and tested methods that are going to deliver results.

What those tried and tested methods are will be somewhat particular to your business – but there are universal truths that will underpin your strategies that apply to every industry out there. Let us run you through the 5 most important ones:

  1. Get your personal brand right

In days gone by, the formation of a company was enough to hide even the most dubious reputation – but now, there’s no hiding anything a great example of this done right is willshapools.com. They have a great website, use eye catch imagery and the content they use on the website is highly relevant to their target audience. 

Getting your personal brand right is like digging the right foundations for your house – get it wrong and it’ll be difficult and costly down the line.

When you’re starting out in business people are going to look for you online. They might be customers, contractors, freelancers, business opponents, investors – and more, maybe even all of them. There aren’t many people on that list that you’re going to be able to operate without, but that doesn’t stop thousands of people taking a serious risk with their personal social media every day.

Air strong political opinions on LinkedIn? Enjoy a slightly bad taste joke on Facebook? Publicly linked to people who do? Well, you’re taking a risk, a risk that you’re going to put someone off you or your product. I know what you’re thinking – it shouldn’t matter, but I’m here to tell you that it does – social media profiles are losing more people jobs and business today than ever before.

Getting it right is easy though. Master your privacy settings and before you share anything and ask yourself “would I say this in a room full of potential customers and investors?” – if the answer’s no, then act accordingly!

  1. Have an effective website

When you’re trying to establish a foothold in the marketplace you might want to reframe the way you see your website.

Rather than thinking of it as a place where customers can find contact details to get in touch with you or someone else who’s got their business soundbite or sales pitch nailed, start thinking of it as a sales person itself.

It makes sense, someone’s taken action to visit your site – when they’re there you might think it’s okay to expect them to jump another hurdle to get to a salesperson – but by doing so you’re losing serious numbers of interesting people.

So, you need some exceptional copy on your site. What I’m talking about here runs deeper than your average ‘about us’ and ‘products’ content – I’m talking expertly written copy that speaks to the real psychological need inside your customer.

Don’t be fooled into thinking your customer wants to know about your mission statement and values, they don’t – at their absolute core they want to know what you or your product is going to do for them. Every word of content on your site needs to be geared toward answering that question – and when it is, your phone is going to be ringing with orders – not just enquiries.

  1. Create effective content

Now, no matter how good your site’s copy is, you’re not going to be able to fake solid industry experience – and that’s where creating brilliant and effective content comes into play.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could work your way into your potential customer’s subconscious and plant seeds there that suggest you’re exactly the right person or product for the need they’re looking to fulfil? Even better – wouldn’t it be great if you could work your way into your potential customer’s subconscious and develop that need – before presenting the solution?

Well with content marketing you can – and there’s no need for any unethical hypnosis!

Content can be created around every tiny element that’s gone into making your product what it is today. Taken it in one direction when there were a variety of possibilities? Document it. Stumbled and made an error? Write about it. Found a brilliant tool that’s revolutionised your workplace? Tell the world.

When you present every part of your business and it’s workings you’ll find that people engage – and when they’re engaged and reading, you can start to gently steer the ship in the direction you want to take them.

  1. Treat every customer like they’re royalty

It might seem obvious but making sure your initial customers are really well looked is something that a great number of startups fail to do when they’ve got their sites on big customer numbers or the next impressive client sign-up.

It’s easy to think you should be putting your brand out into the world constantly – but actually, study after study shows that if you’re willing to invest your time and care in the people who are buying from you and engaging with you from day one then your reputation grows in exactly the right way.

Don’t underestimate people’s desire and willingness to share a product or service that’s serving them well – and also, don’t underestimate people’s willingness to share a bad experience – a combination of carrot and stick motivation that you’d be foolish to ignore!

  1. Measure, measure, measure!

Our last tip is short and sweet! Measure everything you do – and if you can’t measure it, find a tool that makes measuring it possible.

It’s only by understanding where your marketing results come from that you’ll be able to reinvest your time in the right activities. If you can follow every single enquiry you get all the way through your conversion journey then you can go back and double down on the stuff that’s producing results.

The Perato Rule says 80% of your business comes from 20% of your effort – and 80% of your effort shows a poor return, offering only 20% of your business. When you work out what’s involved in that golden 20% of your effort, you can scale in an incredibly efficient manner…

Great Tips To Avoid Stress When Moving Office

move office - Great Tips To Avoid Stress When Moving Office

Moving, whether it is to a new office or home, can be quite a stressful process. In fact, so stressful is the experience of moving that it makes it onto the list of the top 10 things you have to do in life that cause the most stress.

There are a number of reasons why you may be moving office. Perhaps you are downsizing, expanding or just need a working area that will improve productivity and fit in with your business needs better. If you have already started the process or are facing the prospect of planning an office move though, you can avoid a lot of the stress and extra costs. You can do this with forethought and appropriate planning and preparation. To give you some help with this, we have put together a list of some great tips to make moving smoother and easier for all involved.

Draw Up A Timetable or Schedule

There is no point in leaving everything connected to your office relocation until last minute. Not only is it counter-productive, but it could actually increase the stressfulness of the situation. It may even be detrimental to the productivity and effectiveness of your office during the move.

The best way is to decide on the day and time you plan to move office and work out a schedule from that date backwards. Although you will be able to move into a serviced office almost immediately, moving into a traditional office is a longer and more drawn out process. Write lists of everything you need to do and when, delegate tasks to your team members and you may even find it useful to give one of them the responsibility of overseeing the move. Speak to a moving company, such as www.securemoveservices.co.uk to ensure you have the correct removal vehicles and personnel for your big move day.

Check The Contract On Your Current Office

If you are moving from one office to another, it is important to check the contract for your current workspace to make sure you give sufficient notice for vacating it. It is also wise to ensure you are following the correct procedure for any break clauses in the contract. Speak to your solicitor if you are unsure, to avoid any avoidable charges that could make the move even more expensive.

Make A List Of Everything You Need

This might sound like fairly common sense, but you’d be amazed at how many things you can easily forger when you are stressed and running a business while relocating. Figure out everything you will need to make the move to your new office as easily as possible. The last thing you want is to turn up to your new office space only to discover on move day that there is not sufficient enough internet, cabling or phone connections. The idea is to make sure your new office can be up and running as soon as possible to avoid losing billable hours and missing out on work.

If Possible, Overlap Leases

It can be helpful and a real stress-buster if you can overlap the current office lease with the new office lease. Even if it’s only for a few days, it will help take the heat off a little. Trying to move office so that everything is set up and relocated all on the same day is a lot to ask, so lighten your load a little. If it is possible to complete the move over a few days without it costing more, then it sensible to do it – your heart and blood pressure will thank you!

Make sure you liaise effectively with the removal company to ensure they will be available on all the days you need to move stuff from one location to the other. It may even be worth leaving the removal of the larger items to one specific day, so it can all be handled at the same time.

Leave Your Current Office In the Condition Outlined By Your Lease

Apart from natural wear and tear, most office leases outline that the space be restored to its original condition when you leave it. It may mean hiring a professional cleaner or cleaning company. Look closely at the contract and work out exactly what needs to be done and add these tasks into your schedule for moving. By due diligence in this aspect of your move you can help reduce and eliminate the possibility of being landed with unexpected charges that could so easily be avoided.

Remember the Smaller Things

When moving, particularly into a new office, there are always crucial, but little things that you can easily forget. However, when you go forget them, these smaller things can cause major disruptions when you try to get things up and running at your new work space. Make sure you have working keys for the building for instance and that you know how to de-arm and arm the security systems. Remember too to organise for your mail to be redirected and any calls you might get through on your old phone numbers diverted to the new ones.

You should aim to do as much as you can in the run up to the big move day. Don’t leave it all to the last minute. It may even be wise to ask your team to contribute to lists and schedules, because the more minds you have focused on the task, the better you will leave no stone unturned. All this will ensure there is as little downtime for your business as possible.

Moving office is never going to be the most enjoyable experience. However, by following the tips above and with a lot of forethought and planning – it can be less stressful and costly than it would be without proper preparation. When you take the time out to make the appropriate plans and make lists, you can relocate your workforce and business to its new premises without too many issues.

Creating a Bitcoin Investment Strategy

shutterstock 620381018 - Creating a Bitcoin Investment Strategy

It’s safe to assume that most us will have heard of Bitcoin, but not of all us will fully understand it. Depending on the platform you visit, you may find that the information on offer is cumbersome and confusing. While there can be a learning curve with Bitcoin, the basics are easy to follow. For the most part, Bitcoin operates as a currency, but is made from bits of data as opposed to metal or paper.

The difference between Bitcoin and fiat money is that Bitcoin is not controlled by a central bank. This is where the value can come in, as producing more fiat money often leads to inflation. Bitcoin sidesteps this by there only being a certain amount available.

While Bitcoin can be very profitable, like any investment, it can be a risk, especially if we don’t have a strategy in place.

The Difference Between Investing and Trading

If you’re new to Bitcoin and the way it yields profit, then it can be easy to become confused as to whether we should be investing in Bitcoin, or merely trading.

Those how trade in Bitcoin often only trade with short-term positions. Although these positions can last a few months, it’s more often the case that these positions only trade for a couple of hours. This can be attributed to the price-sensitive approach traders take, ensuring that positions are abandoned as soon as it’s recognised that no profit will be made.

Investing in Bitcoin is a much different undertaking, as it is more long-term and will often be employed with a multiple of goals.

In either event you will effectively be investing but knowing the different routes you’re able to take means less confusion later on.

Making an Investment

As Bitcoin is not a fiat currency, it’s not susceptible to the same risks as that of conventional currency. This can give new investors the impression that investing in the cryptocurrency is a sure-fire win. While a profit can be made, it still needs to be handled in the right way.

The purchasing of Bitcoin can be compared to the buying of shares, in that you’re buying a commodity in the hope of returning a profit. The only difference is that you will need to be studying the market closely to ensure that you’re yielding the best returns. 

This is often done via the use of a Bitcoin ticker which shows a real time analysis of Bitcoin allowing you to make a more well-informed decision as to whether you should keep hold of your Bitcoin or sell for a profit.

Use a Reputable Platform

Just as we wouldn’t visit our bank using a link sent in an email, the same should apply to your Bitcoin account. There are many exchanges available to investors when it comes to the selling of Bitcoin, so you should ensure that you’re only using a platform that is of good repute. For more information check out this guide to Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2018

Ensure You Transfer Funds to Your Digital Wallet as Soon as Possible

The subject of finding a reputable exchange has already been touched upon, but investing in Bitcoin is all about damage limitation, so we shouldn’t automatically assume that nothing will happen to the exchange in the future.

We’ve seen even the biggest of companies fall foul to those with sinister motives, so we need to ensure that we’re covering all our bases when it comes to keeping our Bitcoin safe. Of course, there will be times when our Bitcoin has to be held within an exchange but transferring them to a secure online wallet will ensure that we don’t fall foul of criminals.

Large Investments Means More Security

While there will be some who will be just be testing the water in relation to buying and selling Bitcoin, others may be more experienced and looking to make larger investment and yield greater returns. While there is nothing wrong with this, those looking to take the next step need to ensure that their security measures are fit for purpose.

One of the best ways to secure large amounts of cryptocurrency is via the use of cold storage, which in layman’s terms means storing Bitcoin on a physical device. As the device is only connected to the Internet when in use, it provides investors with an additional layer of security, a necessity for those dealing with large volumes of Bitcoin.

Invest Wisely

If you’ve had some good results when investing in Bitcoin, it makes sense that we continue this trend. While there is no harm in reinvesting, other than the initial risk, we shouldn’t invest in Bitcoin solely, especially if we’re looking to secure our financial future. Smart investors will look at a series of commodities and share to invest to help them diversify their portfolio. This is simply done to minimise risk should a certain investment fail to provide any profit.


There are plenty of ways to make money when investing in Bitcoin, but you shouldn’t assume it will make you a millionaire overnight. There can be a lot of information to take in before really understanding the market and how it fluctuates, so investing too much too soon could mean that you’re unlikely to see any benefits in relation to the initial investment.

However, investing with a clear strategy and strict budget will means that you’re investing in Bitcoin in the right way, without placing yourself in financial hardship.